Thanks for stopping by!  This is a collection of some of the most recent illustration projects I've been working on. Some of this is work for clients, and some of it is from my personal travels and observations. I'm inspired by pop culture, urban lifestyle, fashion, parties, food and wine, music and travel, motherhood, relationships, beautiful places and joyful people. I hope you enjoy what you see!

I'm a freelancer looking to connect with clients, collaborators and  seeking representation.Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries or commission requests.

Originally from Minnesota, I moved to New York City to study fashion and ad design at F.I.T. I fell in love with the city and spent many years working as a bartending artist.

brooklyn, nyc, williamsburg bridge, vector illustration

Bartending in NYC gave me endless inspiration. I enjoyed nights full of colorful characters and cultural diversity. This is where I met my musician husband;)

vector sketch, selfie illustration
vector sketch, vector illustration, selfie illustration

 Some of the most talented and creative people I've ever met were my friends from the bar scene, working to support their own artistic journeys. It was a fun place to be 20-something.

I'm now a full time freelance illustrator/graphic designer/mommy and loving it!  Read more about how I transitioned from the bar to illustration HERE:)

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vector sketch, vector illustration, portraits, graphic design
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